Practical  "Yoga" Stretcher Machine
Practical  "Yoga" Stretcher Machine

Practical "Yoga" Stretcher Machine

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You regularly train to get fit. You have reached good results keeping your body toned. However, you still wish better flexibility of the muscles.

Stretching machines and leg stretchers are welcome tools for those who want to improve flexibility by allowing muscles to stretch and relax more quickly. Everyone knows the feeling of tight muscles. It can range from stiffness to outright pain. And taking the time and, more importantly, knowing how to work on stretching out each muscle group can be challenging. 

Stretching equipment such as leg stretchers are designed to help gently extend muscles into a more useful state of flexibility.   People who do any kind of physical exercise, including running, lifting weights, ballet, dancing, martial arts, golf, tennis, baseball, basketball, and more, all can often use a helping hand, or in this case piece of stretching equipment.

Getting a deep, satisfying, and beneficial stretch is a never-ending quest for everyone from superstar pro athletes to regular, mortal humans. One advantage that a stretch machine has over stretching in a class, is you really go at your own comfort level without feeling the pressure to overstretch. Any good yoga instructor would never push you too far, but it can be difficult to gauge where your current limits are. In the privacy and comfort of your own home, you can really take the time to slowly, session by session improve and deepen your flexibility.

Leg stretchers are the type of stretch equipment that focuses on helping people stretch their legs, especially their hamstrings and groin muscles by incremental increasing degrees.

Key Features and Benefits with Your Purchase:

Keep in mind, not all stretch machines are built the same.  Nor are they priced competitively.  Totally Lifestyle’s “Yoga” Stretcher Machine offers a number of benefits:
  • Cost-Effective – It must be said that at just over $40, the price is right!
  • Adjustable Length – You can adjust the unit to find the perfect, comfortable stretching length level or increase it to get a deeper stretch.
  • Easy Assembly.
  • For all ages and sizes.
  • Padded, Non-slip Handles – Non-slip foam handles creates a comfortable grip for manipulating the stretcher and a comfortable resting point on your feet/ankles for increasing your stretch.
  • Durable Construction – This piece of leg stretcher equipment is made to stand the test of time.






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